Trout Icubator 2016

KRCD is seeking volunteers to assist with all aspects of the trout incubator program.

Volunteers are asked to check in on young trout in egg, sac fry, or zip-up developmental stages on days KRCD staff are unable to. Volunteers should observe if the water is clear, if there is an inordinate number of dead in the raceways, that water is flowing and that operations appear normal. Dead fish & matter should be carefully cleaned using the turkey basters and nets provided. All waste should be disposed of in a closed garbage can away from the building. Please keep doors closed for eggs and sac fry when working in the building.

Additional opportunities to volunteer exist on the days we charge the building and release the sac fry.

We will be receiving the 1st shipment of trout eggs on Tuesday November 15th. Heidi Isner and I will be charging the incubator building on Wednesday the 16th at 9:30am and are seeking 1 – 2 volunteers to assist on that day.

We are seeking approximately 6 volunteers to help release trout fry in various locations between the ACOE Bridge and Avocado Lake Park on the evening of December 29th. It is anticipated that Heidi Isner and I will likely begin prepping the trout fry for release at 3:00pm and volunteers can expect to transport the trout to their designated locations at 3:30pm. Our goal is for the trout fry to be released shortly before sunset as we have noticed improved survivability in fry that were planted later in the evening. These volunteers should be able to transport 2-3 5 gallon buckets of trout fry in their personal vehicles (trucks preferable, but unheated cars will suffice), and should also be able to carry a 20 lb bucket over uneven terrain for no more than 200ft. A working knowledge of the area is preferable.

If you are interested in participating on any of the days we are seeking volunteers please sign up on the Doodle Poll . Thank you.


Lori Werner

Environmental Aide, Seasonal

Kings River Conservation District

4886 East Jensen Ave.

Fresno, CA 93725