Salmon in the Classroom

Salmon in the Classroom

Hi Everyone. 

It's that time of year for the Salmon in the Classroom egg deliveries! 
This year, the date is Thursday, January 21, 2016.  The biologists from the Merced hatchery in Snelling will be bringing the eggs to the Panera Restaurant in River park at 1030 in the morning.  There is a heated patio area outside, and a small meeting room inside, in the event of inclement weather.  

There are 23 schools with classrooms waiting for deliveries this year.  If you can help deliver the eggs, please bring a small ice chest, or waterproof container, to keep the bundles of eggs in.  

I've done this event in the past, and it's a lot of fun watching the kids get excited when you show up at their room.  Don't miss out!  

If you're able to help out, please respond back to by clicking on my name, so I can give the biologists a head count on the number of volunteers prior to the delivery day.  

Scott West