April: Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake “Bring your Ladder”
We are staying at Crosby Lodge Trailers 7&8 - Trailers Sleep 6 and 7.
Dates: April 19 and 20 Must make reservations and pay by the March meeting.

Cost: Currently being determined but <$100 for both nights

Update There is one Opening currently 

we have scaled down to one Cabin the cost is $80.

as of April 5, at 6:47 pm

May: Hume Lake “Float Tubing

This is a favorite of many club members; usually, lots of fish for everyone who participates. Float tubes, kayaks or canoes are a must to get to the fish. All you have to do is find the right fly! 
Date: June 1 (That’s right, the May outing is in June)
Cost: free, but it costs $35 per car to enter Kings Canyon Park if you don’t have a pass. Bring a lunch!

June: San Joaquin: Shad Fishing 

Bob Papazian will lead the group to a special outing for Shad on the San Joaquin river. Bob will also bring snacks. Imagine seeing schools of hundreds of fish about 18” long, casting a fly to them, and seeing 99% of them ignore it. Oh, but there’s that 1%, and 1% of 200 is still two, and they’ll come back for another try.
Date: June 15
Cost: Bring a side dish or desert!

July: Wilderness Lake.

We will once again camp at the Sample Meadows campground near Kaiser Pass, and hike to Twin Lake (2 miles) and/or George Lake (3 miles)  on Saturday. Participants can camp with us on Friday and/or Saturday, or come up for the day. Sunday we have several choices, including Portal Forebay, San Joaquin River, back to an alpine lake, or simply go home. There will be steaks on Saturday evening for those who have committed to camping that night. Sample Meadow Campground is free as of this writing, but we can’t depend on that.

Cost: Maybe free, bring a side dish if you’re feasting with us on Saturday.

Date: Depends on snow melt. As this is written, there are still several feet of snow on the campground.

August: Edison Lake: Camping in the high Sierras once again

We get the opportunity to fish streams, lakes and even little creeks. We will rent several campsites for both Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday Dinner at Vermillion Resort; time for story-telling and setting plans for the next day. 
Cost: being determined, probably $20 for the campsite for two nights and the cost of your dinner at Vermillion Resort.

Date: See July’s outing.  If snow melt is really slow, we’ll merge the July and August outing and go to Sample Meadow sometime in August.

September: East Side Trip

The group stays at Tom’s Place with old time rustic cabins, bar and restaurant. Saturday Prime Rib dinner special is available for about $15.00. Fishing is “A La Carte”; you can choose Hot Creek, Owens River, Convict, Silver, Mammoth Crowley Lakes or take several different hikes to high altitude lakes. This is just a few of the available options. We have reserved 2 cabins on a first come basis as follows:
Cabins 25 & 26 both have 6 beds. They are set up dorm style and can accommodate 6 friendly people each. Currently, two have already committed, and it’s still April. If you’re going, better get your dibs in early.

Dates: September 13 and 14

Cost: $70 for both nights’ lodging, plus your food.

October: Drift boat trip down the Sacramento 

This trip is already full. If you want to go, keep an ear to the ground for cancellations!

Cost: Current estimate is $250, plus your travel expenses.

November: San Luis Forebay striper outing

This is traditionally a good time for Stripers!  And it is always a good time to BBQ burgers. Getting back to fishing; have you ever caught a double digit fish?  This is a good opportunity as 10+ pounders are common; heck, even a small fish of 2 pounds puts up a good fight!
Date: to be determined
Cost:$10 per car to get into the park,  Bring a side dish or desert!