Outings questionnaire


What would you like to see in future outings? Here’s your chance to be heard. Please do fill this out and email it back to flyflinger78@yahoo.com.

What sort of outings do you prefer? Mark an X on the continuum: 1 = not interested, 10 = That’s for me!

High Sierra Lake outings, such as the Weaver Lake outing


Kings River outings:


Check your favorite:

South fork,



Small stream outings, such as the Marble Fork outing


Multi day outings, such as the Eastern Sierra Outing


Other species besides trout, for example: (List your favorite here)


I’d like us to go other places, such as:


Fishing venues during the week tend to be less crowded than on weekends, so:

I   can    cannot go on outings during the week (mark with an X).

Camping outings: We’ve had some in the past, but they tend not to be very well attended. How likely would you be to go on a campout/fishing trip? Put an X on this continuum 1 = no way, 10 = absolutely


How do you feel about outings in general? Mark an X on this continuum. 1 = I’d rather just go on my own, 10 I really look forward to club outings:


Any further comments? Write them here: