Outings schedule for 2022


The last outing was to Weaver Lake, a High Sierra gem that is full of fat brook trout and is not all that far from the beaten path. As far as I know, no one attending was skunked, no one got lost, and the weather was perfect despite a heat wave in the valley. This will be a good place for members to go on their own this fall as well, and now that we’ve been there, we know how to get there and how to catch them.  The general rule for success in the high country is to go early and late, that is to say, early and late in the season and in the day. Some of the lakes fish pretty well all the time though.

Here’s hoping that we get to go again next spring and that spring will come a bit later next year. There should still be quite a lot of snow at the nine and ten thousand foot level, but there is not. That snow becomes water for growing crops in the summer after all. It also helps to keep the Kings River flowing and cool enough for trout.

This site will tell you whatever you want to know about fishing the Jennie Lake, Dinkey Lakes, and Kaiser Wilderness areas:\




The next outing is a bit different from the ones of the past. It is a small stream outing to the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River. Some members have been going there already and have found that the admittedly not very large trout are abundant and quite aggressive. This should be a good one for learning to read the water, lessons that can then be applied to larger water as well. Most small dry flies will do quite well on small streams. Stealth is a must, as the water is not deep and the trout are a bit skittish.

Getting to the Marble Fork is quite easy. You just start out as if heading to Weaver Lake, but then continue on the General’s Highway instead of turning up the Big Meadow Road. Soon, you will enter Sequoia National Park. Before long, the road will cross the Marble Fork. There is good fishing both above and below the highway.

Since no one opted to meet me at the ranger station for the Weaver Lake outing, I won’t plan to stop there unless someone contacts me and wants to either ride share or caravan. My email is flyflinger78@yahoo.com  Note: unless you have a pass, entering the national park costs thirty bucks per car. I think most of us do have passes, though.

This outing is scheduled for July 9. I plan to get up there before then to check it out. It’s a hard job going fishing, but someone has to do it, right?


Late Summer outing September 17 and 18: Eastern Sierra, Tom’s Place: Due to concerns about COVID, the club won’t be making lodging reservations for anyone this year. You can stay at Tom’s Place, where there are several options. You can check that out here:  http://www.tomsplaceresort.com/Lodging.html

There is the option of camping as well. Places to fish include Crowley, the Owens River, and several lakes in the High Sierra. Early reservations recommended for Tom’s Place.

Note: If you plan to drive across Yosemite, you will need reservations, available after March 23. You can apply here:

Yosemite National Park Ticketed Entry, Yosemite National Park – Recreation.gov


Fall outing October 8: The South Fork of the Kings River fishes very well in the fall. The South Fork is in Kings Canyon National Park and has a highway along most of its length, therefore plenty of access. It is full of wild trout, no planters. Both rainbows and browns are here.

Note: This outing was changed from the 15th. in order to participate in a river clean up in the morning, and fish in the afternoon. Stay tuned for more info.


Late Fall outing November 19: Stripers at San Luis Forebay.


Look for more details in future issues of the Fly Dope and the website




Note: Most of these outings involve physical challenges. These will be outlined in the Fly Dope before each outing. Check the current Fly Dope for details. Didn’t get a Fly Dope? Not a member? Fill out a membership application and join us! It’s fun!


Past outings

Yuba River outing, March 12 and 13, 2022 Here are a few pictures:


January 22, 2022: Lower Kings

Only a few intrepid anglers took advantage of the winter outing to the Lower Kings River, perhaps due to my rather discouraging note regarding crowding on that section of the river.

The stocking remains concentrated in one small section of the river. Since this location is well known to local and even not so local anglers, It tends to be crowded where the fish are. Nonetheless, we were able to catch a few nice trout.


January 9 2021    This outing was a great success, with many trout in the net. Check the pictures below . 


Youngster gets off to a good start

Leo tries his luck. It was good!

When the fishing is good, word gets around. We had lots of company on the river.

Typical Lower Kings rainbow

February 20:  Sycamore Island outing. Read more about the area in the Fly Dope and on this website:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island

March 20:  Upper Kings River  Here are some pictures of that outing:

We had a good turnout for this one!

Bill Bruce and Brian Loven showed us how to tight line:

and this shows that fish were caught:


May 22: Cancelled due to snow! Hard to imagine from the point of view of summer!

June 5: Successful outing to Weaver Lake. Some pictures:

Some of my favorite High Sierra trout flies


Past year’s  outings


The outing to First Dinkey Lake was a success. Luckily for us, the smoke from wildfires had not yet polluted the air, the weather cooperated, and fish were caught in a beautiful High Sierra setting.    Here are a  few pictures:






Check out High Sierra lakes on my website here: https://flyflinger78.wixsite.com/alpine-lakes

More Past outings
January outing Sycamore Island:  We went to Trout Pond on January 25.  Trout Pond  is a new one for the club. Sycamore Island does not open to the public until February, so we had the place to ourselves. 
Thanks to Sarah Parkes and Bill Tuell of the Sycamore Island park for making this outing possible. I think most of us came away knowing about a new place to fish close to home.
Address to Sycamore Island:  39664 Avenue 7 1/2, Madera, CA
93636, USA
Here is a link to a map to the site:
Better map, thanks to Dave Grubs.
Check out Sycamore Island on this website:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island
picture from the January 2020 outing:


Leo’s bass