Next outing is to the Lower Kings on January 22 The Kings has been fishing rather well as of today, December 7. Look for details here and in the January Fly Dope. 



As of this morning, November 3, we have three more places left for the Yuba River outing. So we don’t get someone who has paid, but has no room on the river, I’m starting a waiting list now. The first three names on the waiting list will get to go, unless, that is, I’ve mis counted somewhere. The rest might get to go if someone else opts out for whatever reason. The for sure members going to the Yuba are as follows:

If you want your name on the waiting list, please email me, at flyflinger78@yahoo.com. 

If you think you have signed up, but don’t see your name below, please email me or call 559 903 5138  Date of the outing is the weekend of March 12 and 13. 

Tim Ritchey

Brian Loven

Jim Jacobson

Bill Bruce

Jim Clark

jesusito lopezsanchez 2

Leo Labbe

Todd Pond

Randy Reitz 2

John Cameron

Zachariah Sprenger

kevin wren

Paul Honkavaara

Gavin O’Leary

Dennis McCullough

waiting list:

1 and 2 Steven and Anthony Dias

3 Hector

4 Larry O’Del;

5 Scott Piggott

6,7 Rob Gong (2)


This is a link to the water we will be fishing that weekend. Take a look at it, and sign up. Cost is just $50 per person for both days. Link



and here is a little you tube video to whet your appetite: Video

Outings schedule for 2022

Winter outing January 22: Lower Kings. Let’s kick off the year with a local trip to the Kings River. Let’s plan to meet and eat our lunches together at noon and compare notes about where we’ve been fishing, with what, and how successful we’ve been. There is a good lunch spot at the downstream end of the lake, the side next to the river. Fishing has been good there this fall so far, but word has gotten around so we can expect to have plenty of company.

If you haven’t fished the Lower Kings, here is how you get there: From Fresno: Take Highway 180 east to Piedra Road. The 180 has been upgraded to an almost freeway. If you reach the two lane part, you’ve gone too far by about a half of a mile.  Turn left on Piedra Road and drive through Tivy Valley. Right after Tivy Vally, turn left into Avocado Lake Park and drive around the lake to the river on the other side. It costs $5 to get into the park.

There is also access to Reach 2 (the barbless hook, no bait, catch and release section) just a little farther down the road at the Alta Weir. Fishing can be good just below the weir as well.

Flies to try include the soft hackle and woolly bugger patterns. Some are having good luck with small midge patterns.

Want to know what conditions are on the river? Check out his website. It lists most of the rivers in California, so some scrolling is required. Is the river muddy? If Mill Creek is running, then the answer is yes.


Spring outing March 12 and 13: Yuba River. This one is a new one for the club. As of this writing, the trip was full with a short waiting list. Don’t let that discourage you from signing up, as someone is sure to drop out before the trip. Just email the outings person at flyflinger78@yahoo.com if you’re interested. There is a list of who is signed up and who is on the waiting list on our club website here:  https://fresnoflyfishers.org/kings-river-outing

Here is a little video of where we’re going:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJZH5YaTs9k



Late spring outing May 14, another local one. Let’s go try out Sycamore Island. If you haven’t been there, this is a good time to try it out. Like the trip to the Lower, let’s plan to eat our lunches together and compare notes on flies, techniques, and which ponds are fishing well. You can read up on Sycamore Island here:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island


Summer outing July 9: As of this writing, we have just experienced a huge winter storm with 5 feet of snow reported at the 8,000 foot level, so this may not be a dry year/early spring after all. Let’s plan a High Sierra outing in July then. The snow should be melted by July. Weaver Lake is the most likely choice, as it is close and has good fishing. The 9th. Of July looks good for a day trip there. If the snow does melt early and we have another warm spring, then we can go higher, maybe to First Dinkey Lake.  Correction: Second winter storm happening right now.

Weaver Lake requires a hike of about two miles. It’s a fairly easy one, even for us old guys. First Dinkey is more like three, but still not too bad. You can read up on high Sierra hiking and fly fishing on this website:  https://flyflinger78.wixsite.com/alpine-lakes


Late Summer outing September 17 and 18: Eastern Sierra, Tom’s Place: Due to concerns about COVID, the club won’t be making lodging reservations for anyone this year. You can stay at Tom’s Place, where there are several options. You can check that out here:  http://www.tomsplaceresort.com/Lodging.html

There is the option of camping as well. Places to fish include Crowley, the Owens River, and several lakes in the High Sierra. Early reservations recommended for Tom’s Place.


Fall outing October 15: The South Fork of the Kings River fishes very well in the fall. The South Fork is in Kings Canyon National Park and has a highway along most of its length, therefore plenty of access. It is full of wild trout, no planters. Both rainbows and browns are here.


Late Fall outing November 19: Stripers at San Luis Forebay.


Look for more details in future issues of the Fly Dope and the website




Note: Most of these outings involve physical challenges. These will be outlined in the Fly Dope before each outing. Check the current Fly Dope for details. Didn’t get a Fly Dope? Not a member? Fill out a membership application and join us! It’s fun!


Past outings

January 9    This outing was a great success, with many trout in the net. Check the pictures below . 


Youngster gets off to a good start

Leo tries his luck. It was good!

When the fishing is good, word gets around. We had lots of company on the river.

Typical Lower Kings rainbow

February 20:  Sycamore Island outing. Read more about the area in the Fly Dope and on this website:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island

March 20:  Upper Kings River  Here are some pictures of that outing:

We had a good turnout for this one!

Bill Bruce and Brian Loven showed us how to tight line:

and this shows that fish were caught:


May 22: Cancelled due to snow! Hard to imagine from the point of view of summer!

June 5: Successful outing to Weaver Lake. Some pictures:

Some of my favorite High Sierra trout flies


Past year’s  outings


The outing to First Dinkey Lake was a success. Luckily for us, the smoke from wildfires had not yet polluted the air, the weather cooperated, and fish were caught in a beautiful High Sierra setting.    Here are a  few pictures:






Check out High Sierra lakes on my website here: https://flyflinger78.wixsite.com/alpine-lakes

More Past outings
January outing Sycamore Island:  We went to Trout Pond on January 25.  Trout Pond  is a new one for the club. Sycamore Island does not open to the public until February, so we had the place to ourselves. 
Thanks to Sarah Parkes and Bill Tuell of the Sycamore Island park for making this outing possible. I think most of us came away knowing about a new place to fish close to home.
Address to Sycamore Island:  39664 Avenue 7 1/2, Madera, CA
93636, USA
Here is a link to a map to the site:
Better map, thanks to Dave Grubs.
Check out Sycamore Island on this website:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island
picture from the January 2020 outing:


Leo’s bass