Outings for 2021

Youngster gets off to a good start

Scheduling outings without knowing things like when the snow will melt in the Sierra, when we will once again be able to safely have overnight outings, when certain waters will be stocked, what the weather is likely to be, and on and on is difficult. On the other hand, I hear people when they say that they need to know in advance when outings are happening. So, here is a schedule of when outings are planned:

These are all one day outings. Should the COVID be gotten under control, I’d very much like to make some of them multi day, in particular, the September outing which could be expanded and made into the Eastern Sierra outing once again.  The October outing could possibly be a Sacramento River drift trip or similar.

But, none of us knows what the virus has planned for us.

I have tentatively scheduled several outings starting with the Lower Kings in January. If you have an additional outing in mind, please let me know. If you would like to sponsor an outing, have a place to go in mind, please let me know.

January 9    This outing was a great success, with many trout in the net. Check the pictures below . 

Leo tries his luck. It was good!

When the fishing is good, word gets around. We had lots of company on the river.

Typical Lower Kings rainbow

February 20:  Sycamore Island outing. Read more about the area in the Fly Dope and on this website:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island

March 20:  Upper Kings River  Here are some pictures of that outing:

We had a good turnout for this one!

Bill Bruce and Brian Loven showed us how to tight line:

and this shows that fish were caught:


May 22:  Outing possible destinations include Weaver lake, or Hume Lake, depending on whether the latter has been stocked, and whether the road is open to the former. This outing is very tentative and depends on spring weather. If nothing else is open, Sycamore Island is a possibility.

June 5:  High lakes outing. Possible destinations are Weaver lake (2 miles) First Dinkey Lake (3 miles) or Twin Lakes (3 + miles) This one may become a shad outing should conditions be more appropriate.

July 17:  High Lakes outing #2, same possible destinations.  High country should be open by now if it wasn’t earlier.

September 18:  Outing: COVID: Twin Lakes. No COVID: Eastern Sierra outing, three days Keep fingers crossed!

October 16:  Outing to Cedar Grove

November 13: Annual striper outing


Note: Most of these outings involve physical challenges. These will be outlined in the Fly Dope before each outing. Check the current Fly Dope for details. Didn’t get a Fly Dope? Not a member? Fill out a membership application and join us! It’s fun!

Some of my favorite High Sierra trout flies


Past year’s  outings


The outing to First Dinkey Lake was a success. Luckily for us, the smoke from wildfires had not yet polluted the air, the weather cooperated, and fish were caught in a beautiful High Sierra setting.    Here are a  few pictures:






Check out High Sierra lakes on my website here: https://flyflinger78.wixsite.com/alpine-lakes

More Past outings
January outing Sycamore Island:  We went to Trout Pond on January 25.  Trout Pond  is a new one for the club. Sycamore Island does not open to the public until February, so we had the place to ourselves. 
Thanks to Sarah Parkes and Bill Tuell of the Sycamore Island park for making this outing possible. I think most of us came away knowing about a new place to fish close to home.
Address to Sycamore Island:  39664 Avenue 7 1/2, Madera, CA
93636, USA
Here is a link to a map to the site:
Better map, thanks to Dave Grubs.
Check out Sycamore Island on this website:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island
picture from the January 2020 outing:


Leo’s bass