width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-525″ />Update: Unfortunately, the Hume Lake outing has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Let’s see if we’re back in business in June. I always look forward to fishing Weaver Lake.
Unfortunately, the Weaver Lake outing also had to be cancelled. While the road may be open, it most likely won’t be as the park is still closed. The COVID19 closures are still in effect. Will try for the outing in July. Maybe by then the virus will have been defeated.

Future outings: Mark your calendar!
Spring outing Hume Lake:  Hume Lake. Last year, we  went June 1, which was too late. Most of the fish were gone by then, so this year the outing is scheduled for May 9. Update: Cancelled due to the pandemic
A float tube, kayak, or small boat is essential for this outing
Hume Lake
Many thanks to all those who completed the outings questionnaire.  The responses will affect future outings. 


Three new day trips to the High Sierra, as per requests on the outings survey:

June 6 Weaver Lake. Hike to the lake is 2 miles. High clearance vehicle is recommended, but not absolutely necessary, for the last mile to the trailhead. This one is contingent on the road being open.
Update: cancelled due to, you guessed it, the virus. Road is closed, Sequoia National Forest spokesperson doesn’t know when it might open, but it won’t be until after the park opens. If you find out the road is open and want to go on your own, or even if you want to go to another high lake, check out information on this website: https://flyflinger78.wixsite.com/alpine-lakes
August 15: First Dinkey Lake. Hike to the lake is 3 miles. High clearance vehicles are absolutely necessary for the last couple of miles, 4wd best but not absolutely necessary.

October 10 Note change of date due to the Yuba Fest: Twin Lakes. Hike to the lake is 3 miles. The road to the trailhead is paved all the way.

And a repeat of the Sample Meadow campout the weekend of July 18/19.</span

George Lake

George Lake

Note: Unfortunately, this campground is closed as of June 25 due to, you guessed it, the COVID19 with no date for re opening, most likely not until the snow has melted next spring, and that snow that has to melt has yet to fall. If there is an outing, it will be a day trip only. Look for an update after the July board meeting.

Check out all of the above places on my website here: https://flyflinger78.wixsite.com/alpine-lakes

I’m still open to suggestions for outings in February, March, and April.

Mark your calendar for the O’Neill Forebay striper outing November 14 Note change of date due to the banquet

And check back periodically for updates to outings. Don’t miss out!

Update: Eastern Sierra outing September 18 and 19 2020.

Don’t miss this one! You can fish Crowley, the Owens, and the Eastern Sierra. There are multiple opportunities for anglers. As a result, this has been a popular outing. We will reserve 2 cabins at Tom’s Place. Each one sleeps the 6. Cost is $70 per person for the two nights, payable to the club.  If you don’t want to share a cabin with 5 other men, if you’re #13 to send in the seventy bucks, if you want to extend your stay, call Tom’s Place directly at (760) 935 4239 and reserve your own spot.

There are campgrounds nearby as well, but nights do get a bit on the chilly side that time of the year. Elevation is about 7,000 feet.

Click here to pay for this outing


Update: Sacramento drift trip is scheduled for October 17. Save the date!

You should have received an email with info and an application form. if not, please email me, flyflinger78@yahoo.com Here are the directions sent along with the application form:
The cost this year is the same as last year, $212.50. That covers the guide’s fee and lunch on Saturday.


As you probably also know, this trip filled up fast last year, so don’t delay. There is room for the first 12 anglers who fill out the form and mail it with a check to the address on the application.

Please pay Lance Gray and Company directly by check, and send the application form to them, not to me or to the club.

And, please be advised that the money is not refundable, but that there’s likely to be a waiting list of people who will pay for your spot.

Some pictures from last year’s drift trip:

Past outings
January outing Sycamore Island:  We went to Trout Pond on January 25.  Trout Pond  is a new one for the club. Sycamore Island does not open to the public until February, so we had the place to ourselves. 
Thanks to Sarah Parkes and Bill Tuell of the Sycamore Island park for making this outing possible. I think most of us came away knowing about a new place to fish close to home.
Address to Sycamore Island:  39664 Avenue 7 1/2, Madera, CA
93636, USA
Here is a link to a map to the site:
Better map, thanks to Dave Grubs.
Check out Sycamore Island on this website:  https://www.riverparkway.org/things-to-do/fishing-at-sycamore-island
pictures from the January 2020 outing:
Phil Davis shows off his catch
Leo’s bass
December 2019 outing: Kings River

We just got home from the December outing. This was a beginner’s outing, with the more experienced anglers helping the neophytes get off on the right foot. Thanks, everyone, for making this a successful outing. I think everyone had a good time, most caught fish, and even the experienced anglers learned something new. That’s the great thing about our sport: A beginner can catch fish and have a good time, but even those of us who have been waving a rodover the water for decades still can learn something.


This is how you rig your rod.
caught one!
Let’s take a picture before we get started
Youngster gets off to a good start