I would like to make a point! We need to support the people that spend the time and money doing research and development for our tying tools. The companies involved in copying and flooding the market with look-a-likes and knockoffs will not spend time or money developing anything new for us. Normally the difference in the cost of the real tools and the others is minimal. The cheapest tool is the one you can use over the years and be satisfied. It is expensive to purchase something that doesn’t work properly or doesn’t feel good in your hands. You will end up giving it away, selling it or throwing it away.

The Fly Tying Vise is the most important tool in tying flies. The Fly Tying Vise is what holds the hook in place while you are tying the fly. The are two main types of fly tying vises, a rotary vise and a fixed jaw vise. The rotary vise has a rotating head that will keep the fly in place and on the same place when rotated. This is a great feature for saltwater flies, streamers, deer hair flies and epoxy flies. By no means is the rotary function necessary