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Jeff Currier – February 23, 2022
 Fly Fishers for Conservation
The eleventh year in a row speaking to Fresno and possibly the fifteenth time in 20 years.  Jeff enjoys presenting here!  Although last year was a Covid-19 precautionary Zoom talk.   Jeff will be giving a custom PowerPoint presentation,

2021 – Back on the Flyfishing Travel Saddle Again!

 The Covid lockdowns of 2020 put a hurt on the lifestyle of Jeff Currier.  Fly fishing travel is his life.  But in 2021 as rules changed and limited travel became possible again, Jeff took advantage.  He’ll tell you about some of these rules you need to follow and precautions he learned to be safe.

Enjoy stories and photos from Jeff’s 2021 return to Belize, Baja, huge northern pike from the Yukon River, a hosting job to the Seychelles and best of all, a report from the World Masters Fly Fishing Competition in the Czech Republic where Jeff got to exercise his European nymphing tactics for the first time in years. 

We are a FEDERATION OF FLY FISHERS affiliated club, a national organization whose goal, like ours, is to promote the wonderful sport of fly-fishing as well as protect our natural resources. We promote catch and release, education, conservation, and above all, encourage and help those who desire to learn more about all aspects of fly-fishing.
Fly Fishers for Conservation (FFFC) was organized in 1961 by a group of devoted fly fishers deeply concerned with the preservation of trout and all game fish, their environment, and the quality of fishing. Our club has maintained two goals since that time: To foster and promote the sport of angling with artificial flies. To protect, conserve and increase our angling resources.

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Fly Fishers for Conservation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. This means you can use your contribution as a tax deduction. The club gets revenue from member-ship dues and the annual fundraiser dinner. We try to contribute to conservation issues in the area and to our youth with our Trout in the Classroom program, the No Child Left Inside program and by holding a Youth Fly-Fishing Academy annually. The club is al-ways in need of funds. Please consider donating. You may send a check to Fly Fishers for Conservation at PO Box 1192, Clovis, CA 93613. Your donations will be greatly appreciated and they will help the club fulfill its obligations.